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Steam World Archive

This prestigious archive series which features an important cross section of historic railway films, produced mainly from the very best footage shot by readers of Steam World back in the 1950s and 60s.

1 The North West 2 The Southern 3 ECML to Scotland 4 Lancashire & Yorkshire 5 Wessex & the West Country 6 The Midlands 7 North from Crewe 8 Wales & Scotland 9 The South West 10 North from Kings Cross 11 Hampshire 12 London & The South East 13 Steaming around Scotland14 The North East15 Central England

16 North West England 17 Steaming around the South West 18 Wales & the Borders 19 Cotswold Counties 20 Ian Lyman's East Midlands 21 Steaming to Cumbria with Charles Maher 22 London & the Home Counties 23 Steaming around the UK with Ian Lyman24 The Richard Greenwood Collection NW England – Part 1 25 The Richard Greenwood Collection NW England – Part 226 Travels around Great Britain in the 1960s with David Scudamore27 The Richard Greenwood Collection NW England – Part 328 The Richard Greenwood Collection NW England – Part 4 29 Industrials30 The Richard Greenwood Collection Eastern Scotland31 The Richard Greenwood Collection Southern Region


Carnforth's Railway Heritage


The remarkable story of Carnforth Station in North Lancashire, where part of the famous movie Brief Encounter was shot. How the station grew and declined, finally to be restored into a vibrant heritage centre and working station.


Carnforth's Railway Heritage

RF Matters

Rail Freight Matters

Volume 1 - 2014


With so much variety of motive power and new flows it’s time to
get serious about Rail Freight in the way that only Telerail can!


Rail Freight Matters Vol 1 - 2014


West Country

The Allure of the West Country - 1969 to 2015 by MIKE ELLIS


Mike Ellis has been travelling and photographing the Exeter to Penzance line for over 45 years and has seen a huge change in motive power from Warships, Westerns, Peaks, 31’s, 37’s,47’s, 50’s, HST’s, through to the 57’s,66’s, 67’s and also the Voyagers.


The Allure of the West Country


Rail Freight Today Boxed Sets


This ground breaking series was produced between 1989 and 1991, and is now of immense historic interest.

Now available as two bargain priced boxed sets each comprising five discs, this series will be of great value to model makers and anyone who lived through this period of immense change.


Rail Freight Today boxed set 1 Rail Freight Today boxed set 2


The Complete Regional Guide to the Railways of Britain Boxed Sets


Filmed in the 1990s, every part of the country is thoroughly covered giving a complete picture of rail operations in each region. Intercity, regional railways, and freight operations in each area are highlighted. Also included are references to private steam railway sites.


The Complete Regional Guide to the Railways of Britain Boxed Set 1 The Complete Regional Guide to the Railways of Britain Boxed Set 2


Scenic Rail Journeys

Settle and Carlisle – Four Seasons


From the incredible winter snows of 2010 throughout the following seasons, this programme gives a unique insight into the character of this wonderful line contrasting steam, freight and everyday passenger movements along the whole route.


Settle and Carlisle – Four Seasons



Scenic Rail Journeys

The Cumbrian Coast


In this superb DVD we take a close look at all types of operations from local passenger, steam and diesel charter trains, as well as freight flows from Sellafield, Dalston and Workington Docks. There’s also time to visit two contrasting signal boxes at Carnforth and Foxfield.


Scenic Rail Journeys The Cumbrian Coast



50 years of the Class 47s


50 years ago nobody could have guessed that these locos would still be in front line service with several operating companies today.


50 years of the Class 47s



West Coast Railways

A close look at the UK's most prominent train hire company, which since 1998 has specialised in operating charter trains, along some of the UK’s most famous and scenic routes.


West Coast Railways


The Gavin Morrison Collection

Gavin Morrison needs no introduction to most railfans, however few people realize that as well as producing many famous books of wonderful photos he is also a talented film cameraman.


Vol 1 1962-1964 Vol 2 1964-1966 Vol 3 1966-1967 Vol 4 1967-1968

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Past & Present



Railwaymen Reminiscing

Using newly discovered archive film and lots of interviews this important new series sets out to tell the story of what life was like for the men who worked on the railway with steam, from cleaners to controllers and footplate crews mainly in their own words.


Volume 1 The North West episodes 1 & 2 Volume 2 The North West episodes 3 & 4


Rail Freight Today

Bang up-to-date this series takes a look at all the major freight players, complete with behind the scenes site visits, and interviews.


Vol 1 DRS Profile 1995 -2007 Vol 2 First GBRf


Tele Rail in the Cab

A cab ride – with plenty of time to enjoy the driver’s view and none of the responsibilities – is always a real privilege. Produced in real time, major locations are captioned without any distracting commentary.

Vol 1 Kings Cross to York Vol 2 Preston to Glasgow Vol 3 Tyne Dock to Drax Vol 4 London Euston - Preston Vol 5 Settle to Carlisle

Vol 6 Leeds to Heysham Vol 7 The Cumbrian Coast Vol 8 Dover to St Pancras and returnVol 9 York to EdinburghVol 10 Tweedbank to Edinburgh Vol 11 London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street


Vanishing World Steam

This wonderful series gives a real and thorough insight into the last countries where steam worked out its final days, with many titles concentrating on different areas of China.

1 China in Winter 2 Poland 3 Cuba - part one 4 The Steamiest Place on Earth 5 Cuba - part two 6 Extreme Steam 7 The Greatest Show on Earth 8 Dream Steam 9 21st Century Extreme Steam

10 Southern Stars 11 Northern Stars 12 Requiem for Extreme Steam Requiem for Extreme Steam BOOK


China Steam Paradise China Steam Quest The Triumph of Steam

Model Rail Loco Detailing Expert

Model Rail

Produced for Model Rail the most influential UK railway modeling magazine all titles benefit from the expert guidance of Model Rail staff.

Expert Series

Airbrush Expert DCC Expert Garden Expert Weathering Expert Scenery Expert Western Branch Line Locomotive Detailing Expert Definitive Airbrush Expert with George Dent Rolling Stock Weathering Expert

Creative Modelling series

Creative Modelling Volume 1


Model Rail (Original Series) Vol 17

Special Value Boxed setsVolumes 1 to 4 Volumes 5 to 8 Volumes 9 to 12 Volumes 13 to 16


Expert Box Set

Volume 1 Detailing, Airbrush & Weathering



Tele Rail Explorer

A new and thorough guide to the most interesting railway hot spots today. From the highest line in the world to the mountains of Europe there's wealth of inspirational views of trains in the landscape.

Vol 1 Tibetan Explorer Vol 2 Austrian Explorer Vol 3 Sardinian Explorer Vol 4 German Explorer Vol 5 New Zealand ExplorerVol 6 Swiss ExplorerVol 7 Scottish Explorer

Long Haul

Vol 1 Railroads of Colorado


Behind the Scenes

Based on the unique Fastline collection, these films were created originally by the Photographic Unit of the Chief Civil Engineer of the LNER in York, and his successors on British Railways.

Individual Titles:

Vol 1 On the Right Track Vol 2 Early on Track Machines Vol 3 Civil Engineering Vol 4 Traffic



Across Russia by Steam

Ask most people what is the long distance train journey they would most like to undertake and the Trans Siberian is likely to be top of the list! This is a memorable experience at any time but with steam all the way is totally unique.


Vol 1 St Petersburg - Tayshet Vol 2 Tayshet - Vladivostok Vol 3 The BAM & Sakhalin


Military Railways

A rare and extremely privileged chance to look at detail in the day to day operations and important work undertaken by some of the UKs military railways.


Bicester Longtown Chilmark/Marchwood


Steam Railway Premier Collection

Introduced scripted and narrated by Nigel Harris these authorative titles give a fascinating insight into steam loco design and performance.


Vol 1 Mallard & the Gresley A4s Vol 2 Evening Star & the 9Fs


The Story of Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman, Surely the most famous locomotive in the world. We take a look at the loco's History and also a look after it's recent overhaul.


The Story of Flying Scotsman

The Definitive Rail Freight Today Archive Collection

Volume 1 Coal


When the original Rail Freight Today series first appeared in 1989 it caused a sensation. Never before – or since – has anyone looked in such detail at the rail freight scene. Based on our original material shot 20 years ago for the Rail Freight Today series, now re-edited in DVD quality with a brand new script from acknowledged rail freight expert Paul Shannon, this is a great way to look back at an era of enormous variety.


Vol 1 Coal

The Sight & Sound of Steam

We’ve had lots of requests for this special DVD that features, without commentary, the crème de la crème of steam action.


The Sight & Sound of Steam Volume 1The Sight & Sound of Steam Volume 2 The Sight & Sound of Steam Volume 3The Sight & Sound of Steam Volume 4The Sight & Sound of Steam Volume 5The Sight & Sound of Steam Volume 6

Tele Rail in the Cab Vol 7

Modern Traction Classic Archive

Railway Rarities contrasts early Modern Traction Classic archive of closed through routes and stations from the 1970’s and 80’s..


Modern Traction Classic Archive Volume 7 Railway Rarities


The Spirit of the LAKE DISTRICT

Join us on a journey through England’s largest national park, taking in many of the most popular scenic attractions on the way


The Spirit of the LAKE DISTRICT


The Way We Were

A warm and Poignant account of everyday events filmed by ordinary people – showing what life was really like and capturing the spirit of each decade. Home cine films form this unique collection through the 1930s, 40s,50s and 1960s.


The Way We Were Vol 1 1930s to 1960s The Way We Were Vol 2 1930s, 40s & 50s

Seaside Memories